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Industrial Coil-shaped Teflon(PTFE) Electric Immersion Heate

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  • Brand Name:  SURPLUS
  • Certifications:  ISO9001, CE
  • Model No:  SPTH006
  • Materials:  DuPont PTFE/PFA
  • Min. Order Quantity:  1 PC
  • Quality Warranty:  1 Year
  • Payment Terms:  100% T/T in advance, negotiable for large qty
1. It is made of superior thermal fuses and covered with imported fluoroplastics.
2. It has strong resistance to different corrosive solutions.
3. It is not sticky, save, energy-saving and environment-friendly. It is applicable to heat different corrosive liquids and can save 20% energy than other heaters of the same power.
4. Low watts design of the surface insures service year of the product.
5. Attention should be paid on the location of the installation of electric heaters: prevent solid contents sinking on the surface of the heater, or liquid too cohesive. Also, if the water level is too low, it will lead to short circuit.
6. It can be matched with overheat protection switches or PT100 heat detector to insure the service year and security of accessory.
7. It has passed the CE certification of EU market and ISO9001:2008 test.

Referential Specification List
3000 220/380 260*50
6000 220/380 350*110
9000 220/380 350*150
12000 220/380 350*180
** Three phases standard, single phase available as option. 

• Power we are able to make is from 3KW to 20kW.
• It is not applicable to heat in over-blended liquid, poor heat dissipation will influence the service life. When using the product, please don’t collide or scratch the surface of the Teflon.