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Titanium Anode Basket Bag

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  If your electro-plating solution requires anode bags, chances are we've already made your size and shape to fit a particular problem in waste management. That's why we make quality bags of various fabrics to fit your anode bag requirements.

All our bags are double needle sewn at the top and bottom. We also double stitch the sides to prevent the bags from being torn by the rough action created by air agitation in the plating bath.

Whether your needs are five or five hundred bags, you'll receive the same courteous, quality service. We stand behind our products 100%. You have our assurance based on over 15 years of experience in the electroplating industry.

Common Characteristics Of Titanium Anode Basket Bags
Fabric Types Cloth Appearance Density Applicative Liquid Remarks
P750 (polypropylene fiber) smooth 180-200 mesh Acid, alkali Poor high temperature,long run will be harden, apply for general quality requirements
P751 (polypropylene fiber) Have hair 250-300 mesh Acid, alkali Poor high temperature,long run will be harden, apply for high quality requirements
Taiwan  cloth (terylene) One side smooth,the other side has hair 350-400 mesh Acid, weak alkali Good high temperature, long run maintain soft, apply to higher quality plating requirements