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Installation Steps Of Fluoropolymer, Titanium And Stainless

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1、The pipelines should be installed with a pressure limiting valve ≤ 0.4mmPa. In order to prevent clogging impurities inside the piping system and scratches on the bundle, it is necessary to install an easy-to-maintain filter before the heat exchanger, and install a steam trap at the outlet. 
2、When it requires installing multiple groups of products, they can be connected in parallel. Centralized steam supply should be considered for the separate steam boxes; each branch is a separate steam supply system. The exhausts can also be connected in parallel, but it is forbidden to connect them to the metal outlet of the heat exchanger so as to avoid clogging at the outlet of the heat exchanger and the splitting of bundles.
3、In order to prevent the workpieces and crushing plates from damaging the bundles during the process, it is necessary to make appropriate isolation devices for the products. Our factory can manufacture protective devices for the users, or provide protection and production patterns according to user requirements.
4、When temperatures are below 0 ℃ in winters, please drain the condensed water from the products during off-time, to prevent freezing, which can cause rupture of tubes.
5、When changing amps for tube shell heat exchangers, please follow the installation instructions and technical protocols. During test runs after the products are installed, please operate in line with the following procedures:
Step 1: open the corrosive liquid circulating pump inside the fluoropolymer heat exchanger tubes. The circulation pressure is ≤ 0.45mmPa when the product is used.
Step 2: open the tube shell external circulation heating (or cooling cycle) pumps, pressure ≤ 0.4mmPa.
When the product is in use, the pressure inside the heat exchanger tube bundle is always ≥ tube shell heating and cooling circulating water pressure. Prevent the pressure inside the tube shell is greater than the pressure inside bundle so as to avoid squeezing the bundle.