Use a civilize rule to restrict our words and deeds;
Use a established system to monitor our behavior;
Use a standard procedure to provide our work;
Use the good reputation to shape enterprise image.
The sound development of the company is closely related to the fact that it consistently attached importance to training and improvement of its staff. Aiming to establishing a “study type organization”, the company has held a number of specialized trainings for employees each year. The ability of the middle and senior management is improved and their field of vision developed and knowledge updated by overseas exchange and visiting study.
The company concerns itself with the after-hours cultural life of its staff. Organize internal newspaper and tours each year. Weekend evenings, basketball game, table tennis game and push –and –pull are organized after hours. Large scale factory establishing anniversary celebrations and sport meeting are arranged for some special days.
Now, every department should take ERP management system to regulated daily procedures, OA system to communicate information and ISD9001 quality management system to supervise our routine operation, which have become our management style, this is also our unique company culture.